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1           Name

The organisation shall be called COM-United Kingdom, and will be run by the current statutes, COM regulations and by the laws of the country.

2           Official address

The organisation will have as official address, the address of it’s current President in office.

3           Objectives

To represent the United Kingdom breeders and clubs in the COM-Confederation Ornithologique Mondiale, applying its rules and regulations, and promoting their activities in the United Kingdom and abroad.

4           Members

Founding members of the COM-UK

        I.      The IOA - International Ornithological Association

     II.      The NCA - National Council for Aviculture

Both member organisations have equal rights and obligations.

Each member organisation is free to develop its own activities at national level.

5         Administration

The administration of the COM-UK is managed by a Committee of seven persons:

              I.      The President/Chairman

           II.      Two Vice-Presidents

         III.      The Secretary

        IV.      The Treasurer

           V.      Two members

6           Election and mandate

The mandate of all the seven officials is for three years.

              I.      The President is nominated by one member organisation (IOA or NCA) and the proposal must be accepted in writing by the other organisation.

           II.      The two Vice Presidents are the Presidents or Chairmen of the two member organisations or other leading officials.

         III.      The Secretary is nominated by the member organisation that did not nominate the President.

        IV.      The Treasurer is nominated by the member organisation that proposed the President.

           V.      The two remaining members of the Committee are nominated one by each of the member organisations.

Each member organisation should have in their group of nominees at least one OMJ judge, so that the Committee will have at least two OMJ judges as members, and these two members will be responsible for the technical subjects and connection to the OMJ.

From 2011, for a three year period, the NCA will nominate three persons and the other member-organisation will nominate four persons in a mandate.

2014 - the member organisation who nominated three persons of the Committee in the previous mandate, will then have the right to nominate four members of the Committee.

7           Internal Regulation

An Internal Regulation can be proposed, and must be accepted by both member organisations.

8           Duties & Responsibilities

              I.      Represent their affiliates in the COM

           II.      The general management of the COM-UK

         III.      To advertise and pass to their members, all information received from the COM and OMJ

        IV.      Coordinate, organize, and arrange for the correct transportation of birds participating in the COM World Shows

           V.      To propose candidates to the Organisation of COM World and International Shows.

        VI.      Nominate the UK’s delegations to the OMJ and COM Congresses

      VII.      Propose and vote candidatures to the COM and OMJ Committees

   VIII.      To present and vote technical and administrative proposals to the OMJ and the COM

        IX.      To pay the annual and other official fees to the COM and OMJ.

           X.      Nominate the team of Official Conveyers that will represent the UK in the World Shows

        XI.      Nominate the UK’s OMJ judges to judge the World Shows

      XII.      Propose their Judges to the OMJ examinations

9           Meetings

              I.      The meetings of the Committee are convened by the President, in writing, unless otherwise accepted by each member.

           II.      The Committee must meet at least twice a year.

         III.      The two members of the Committee that are OMJ judges, must form a special Technical Sub-Committee to address all technical matters and can meet separately. The President must be present in this group’s meetings.

        IV.      Once a year, a Special technical meeting of all OMJ Judges from the UK, from all sections, must be organised. The co-ordination of this technical meeting should be assured by the two members of the Committee that are OMJ judges.

10        Fees

              I.      Each member organisation must pay an annual fee, to be annually approved with the agreement of both member organisations.

           II.      Each OMJ judge must also pay an annual fee, decided annually by the Committee.

         III.      It is the Treasurer’s task to ensure the collection of the fees from the member organisations and the OMJ judges.

11        Finance

              I.      The Treasurer shall be responsible for all money of COM-UK and shall prepare an audited Balance Sheet to be presented at the first meeting of the financial year for endorsement. A copy of the Balance Sheet and agenda for the meeting shall be sent to each member organisation at least one week before the meeting.

           II.      COM-UK's financial year shall commence on 1st April and end on 31st March.

         III.      COM-UK's Bankers shall be one of the main Banks or Building Societies at the Treasurer’s   discretion.

        IV.      Both the Treasurer and General Secretary may each hold a petty cash account to a maximum of 20 to cover incidental expenses such as stationary and postage. All such items to be recorded in the financial books of COM-UK.

           V.      All cheques, drafts, bills etc made on behalf of COM-UK shall be signed by The Treasurer and countersigned by the President or the Secretary to be valid.

12        Rings

              I.      All rings issued by the member organisations or recognised by them, will be accepted to allow participation in the COM International and World Shows.

           II.      Each member organisation is entitled to run and administrate their own ringing system, according to their own internal rules and regulations.

         III.      A list of ring types and issuing organisations recognised by each of the member organisations, should be compiled and updated continuously.

        IV.      All rings recognised and entered in the list, must comply with the COM and OMJ rules and regulations

13        Rule Changes

              I.      All changes to the Statutes must be agreed by the two member organisations.